Color paint cans

Spring’s range of UV flexo inks respond to a broad variety of requirements:

  • Low migration
  • Improved adhesion on films and foils
  • Excellent color strength and large color gamut
  • Available in fluorescent and metallic versions
  • High light resistance
  • Specialty color formulations

Radionic is a UV-curable flexographic ink system designed to incorporate the advantages of cationic inks into a classical UV curing ink. Cationic inks are known to provide higher-cure through than radical curing ink systems.  This leads to better adhesion, scratch resistance and lower migration.

The Lumina and FLOW UV Flexo ink series’ are available in standard and low migration versions.  Special light resistant pigments are available for outdoor applications.  All Spring inks are manufactured to exacting quality standards with state of the art production equipment.

FLOW was designed to give printers exceptional adhesion on a wide variety of films and foils.


FLOW-LV is a good general-purpose primer for all our UV inks as well as a laminating adhesive that provides bonding strength on paper to film or film to film applications.

All of our inks are formulated to provide high color strength and a large color gamut.  Mixing colors to Pantone standards is easy with our color formulation guide and Spring’s technical support team can develop specialty formulations for you to meet customer requirements.

Film/ Foil++++++++++++++
Hot Stampable/ Over-Printable++++++++++
Nestlé CompliantYesNoYesYesNoNo
Paper / Board++++++++++++++++++
Substrate Compatibility*
Swiss Ordinance CompliantYesNoYesYesNoNo
Thermal ECO++++--
Thermal Top Coat++++++++--

+++ = excellent

++ = good

+ = acceptable

– = poor

*: always validate new combinations of ink and substrate prior to industrial production



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