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The domain for printing inks is vast and the market for packaging and specialty inks continues to evolve in myriad ways.  Spring Coating Systems has earned a position as a leader in inks that provide technical properties beyond those of traditional solutions.  Innovative formulations require deep knowledge of the chemistry and the customer applications.

DFC: our non-toxic ink systems

With intense scrutiny of packaging safety due to concerns of migration of packaging inks and coatings into our food chain, Spring has responded with a non-toxic ink systems called DFC, for “direct food contact”.  The DFC (Direct Food Contact) series is nontoxic and, under appropriate conditions, a compostable and Single Use Plastics compliant alternative to traditional inks.  DFC inks significantly reduce health risks due to migration and open up new opportunities for printing inside the packaging.  In food safety, Spring is leading the industry to a higher standard.

UV and Water-based ink technology

Spring is also a leader in UV and water-based inks for package printing. Our inks are low odor, low migration and available in several ranges tailored to the end use application.

In UV inks, FLOW-LM and Lumina-LM inks are low-migration, Swiss Ordinance and Nestlé Guidelines compliant.  FLOW UV-curable inks provide exceptional adhesion on difficult-to-print film and foil substrates.  Lumina-C inks have been developed for a cost-conscious segment of the market that requires high pigmented, low viscosity inks at a very competitive price level.

The water-based ink market continues to evolve with new versions of Aquastick and FI for film and metallized substrates.  IND-LO is a low odor water-based ink for paper applications, such as napkins,  that require low odor, color fastness and low migration.

And Spring continues to develop specialty inks for scratch-off systems, fluorescent and metallic colors and special effects.

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