About Spring Coating Systems

Spring Coating Systems develops high performance products that combine color, functionality and respect for health and the environment.

Spring Coating Systems was founded by Tom Korchak in 2003 to fill a growing gap between the standardization of products due to the global consolidation of the package printing market and the need for value-added solutions to bring product differentiation and to meet stricter environmental standards.

With its sister company in North America, Performance Coatings Corporation, Spring is able to develop global specialty solutions and adapt them to specific customer requirements.

Spring Coating Systems and Performance Coatings have used their agile product development approach to create a number of “technology platforms”:

  • DFC (Direct Food Contact) Inks and Coatings
  • Safer photopolymer plate processing solvents such as Ecowash
  • Primers for improving digital printing on a broad range of substrates
  • Flexi-Lox technology for corrugated anilox cleaning
  • A broad array of water-based and UV-curable inks and coatings.

With their focus on innovation and environmental stewardship, Spring Coating Systems and Performance Coatings are helping to shape a safer and more intelligent future for packaging.

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