Technical Coatings & Adhesives

Coatings serve a broad range of needs, from protecting a surface to bringing additional functional or aesthetic properties.  Spring Coating Systems has a broad portfolio of technical coatings, adhesives and primers.  Spring Coating Systems also provides specialty formulation services to adjust products to specific printing conditions or to develop new applications.

A World of UV-curable and Water-based Coatings

Spring’s coatings and adhesives are available in both UV curable and water-based systems.

Over-print varnishes can bring scuff resistance, chemical resistance and differing visual effects from gloss to matte.  Special effects such as soft touch coatings or pearlescent add a luxurious feel to consumer products.

In some cases, the coating itself needs to be further finished; for example with hot stamping or personalization through digital printing.  Spring brings a wide range of solutions to these diverse applications.

Digital Print Coatings: the next generation

Digital printing presents particular challenges for ink adhesion and drying as well as scuff and scratch resistance.  In addition, many coatings do not adhere well to standard digital inks.

Spring Coating Systems has developed over-print coatings for HP Indigo printers as well as coatings for UV ink-jet.  In addition to over-print coating for digital printing, Spring has formulated primers for HP Indigo and primers for ink-jet printers.  The low-cost primer coating for HP Indigo printing provides good adhesion on virtually all printing substrates.  The ink jet primer helps ink jet, especially water-based Memjet type inks, dry efficiently with little to no bleeding with high print definition.


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Digital Primers & Coatings

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UV Coatings

Spring’s UV coatings are available in glossy, matte and soft touch versions.  The chart below summarizes the key technical ...

Water-Based Coatings

Spring’s water-based coatings are available in glossy, matte and soft touch versions.  The chart below summarizes the key technical ...


Spring manufactures UV and water-based laminating adhesives, dry peel and heat activated adhesives


Spring develops UV curable and water-based primers to enhance adhesion on difficult substrates

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