Spring’s water-based coatings are available in glossy, matte and soft touch versions.  The chart below summarizes the key technical characteristics for our water-based range.  In addition, Spring can formulate additional functional features if required.

Technical Characteristics WB Coatings
    AQUA 5610             XXStandard over-print varnish
AQUA 22+XStandard matte over print varnish
AQUA 2100XGlue neutralizer
AQUA 2050XXUv/ Black Light
AQUA 62XXPearlescent
RCW 2542XXRelease coating (Peel & Reseal, Security labels)

* In general, printable coatings are equally compatible with hot stamping and gluing applications. Nevertheless, we recommend pre-testing prior to commercial runs.


cleaning solutions

  • NCL-1103 Plate cleaner for water based and UV inks and coatings
  • SoftClean Anilox cleaning solution for water based and UV inks and coatings
  • NC-32 Press and parts cleaner for WB inks and coatings

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