Cleaning Solutions for the Printing Industry

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Spring Coating Systems offers a full range of cleaning solutions for plates, cylinders, anilox rollers and parts.

Solutions for Photopolymer Plates:  Ecowash Processing Solvents

In addition, Spring is the manufacturer of Ecowash, a leading photopolymer plate processing solvent. Ecowash ensures high quality plates, fast processing times, low odor and improved safety.  In very little time, Ecowash has become the leading plate solvent for all flexo plate types.  Its unique chemistry keeps the processor clean for lower maintenance, longer brush life and better finished plate quality.

Quality anilox rollers are a critical element of the printing process and, as a leading supplier of inks, coatings and specialty chemicals for the printing industry, Spring has put its expertise towards the best anilox cleaning systems available.

Solutions for anilox cleaning: Softclean manual anilox cleaner

For manually cleaning anilox cylinders in between print runs, Softclean is the undisputed solution of choice.  Just spray and let it act for two to three minutes and Softclean goes to the deepest recesses of the anilox cells.  Wipe with a rag and rinse with water.  It’s that easy.  And Softclean works on all flexo ink types from solvent to UV to water-based.  Softclean contains no solvents and is a green option versus other products that are less effective!

Solutions for manual parts cleaning

Spring also proposes products for cleaning parts, specifically for UV inks (UV499) and water-based inks (NC-32) and cleaning solutions for ultrasonic anilox solutions

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Cleaning System Overview

The table below lists our most common products for cleaning printing plates, cylinders and parts, including their efficiency with different ...


ECOWASH is the latest generation of environmentally friendly flexographic plate washout solutions.

Manual Anilox, Plates and Parts Cleaners

Spring has a broad range of products for cleaning inks and coatings: manual anilox, plate and part cleaning

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