The table below lists our most common products for cleaning printing plates, cylinders and parts, including their efficiency with different ink chemistries.

CleansInk TypeDescription
ProductPlates AniloxPartsUVWB Solvent
yesyesnryesyesNC-32 is a general purpose, manual cleaner for water based and solvent inks
SoftcleannryesnryesyesyesSoftclean is an exceptional cleaner for anilox rolls
UV-499nryesyesyesnrnrUV-499 is a general purpose cleaner for UV inks
NCL-1103yesnrnryesyesyesNCL-1103 is a photopolymer plate cleaner
ULT-500nryesnryesyesyesULT-500 is the cleaning solution for ultrasonic anilox cleaning systems.
SCS-300nryesyesyesyesyesSCS-300 is for general purpose cleaning in washing systems
SCS-500nryesyesyesyesyesSCS-500 is a concentrated version of SCS-300.
EcowashyesnrnrnrnrnrEcowash is a plate processing solvent
nr= not recommended


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