UV Curable and WB Adhesives

UV Adhesives
FLOW-LVUV primer and laminating adhesive for film to film adhesion
LVP 500 seriesUV laminating adhesive for film to paper adhesion
PFV 3024Cold foil adhesive for paper substrates
FFV 521Cold foil adhesive for film substrates
TUVD 451UV adhesive for dry peel applications


WB Adhesives
LA-451WB Wet Laminating Adhesive ( paper to foil)
PSA*WB Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
PTA-4401WB Temporary Adhesive ( Post-It)
* According to substrate



Cleaning solutions

  • NCL-1103 Plate cleaner for water-based and UV inks
  • SoftClean Anilox cleaning solution for water-based and UV inks and coatings
  • UV-499 Press and parts cleaner for UV inks (attention: can swell photopolymer plates)
  • NC-32 Press and parts cleaner for WB inks and coatings

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