The Environmental Plate Washout Solutionecowash

ECOWASH is the latest generation of environmentally friendly flexographic plate washout solutions.  ECOWASH combines high productivity, low odor, zero toxicity and ease of use.

ECOWASH features and benefits:

  • Low odor under normal ventilation conditions (10-15 turns/hour)
    • More agreeable, healthier work environment
  • Non-toxic
    • Improved worker safety
    • Reduced environmental compliance costs
  • Rapid plate processing, low plate swelling
    • Faster drying times
    • Better definition and less dot loss
    • No “orange peel” effect
  • ECOWASH operates at a wide temperature window
    • Potential Energy and Insurance savings
    • Improved safety
  • Polymer and digital layer remains in suspension
    • Maintains processor clean, especially with digital plates
    • lower maintenance costs
  • No ADR Transport Regulation

Add-back Procedure:

  • After distillation, add fresh Ecowash at 10% of final volume
  • Top up, if necessary with fresh Ecowash.

We recommend performing periodic tests of wash-out rate as part of your quality control program.  If a consistent downward trend in wash-out rates is observed over time, this may indicate a sub-optimal distillation process.

Please contact our technical support to further answer your questions.

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