Spring has a broad range of products for manually cleaning inks and coatings.

Manual Anilox Cleaning Solutions:

Spring offers two manual anilox cleaning products, Soft Clean and NC-32.  Both are environmentally friendly, solvent-free and low-odor.

Softclean is effective on all types of inks and coatings: UV, water based or solvent based.

NC-32 is used preferably on water-based and solvent-based inks and coatings.

In both cases, the product is applied to the cylinder and allowed to act for approximately 30 seconds.  The cylinder is then wiped with a lint-free cloth and rinsed.  This procedure can be repeated as often as is necessary.  For UV inks, we recommend first removing the majority of the ink with UV-499 and then using Softclean for the finer detail cleaning.

Spring also manufactures ULT-500, a dedicated cleaning solution for ultrasonic anilox cleaning systems.


Plate Cleaning Solutions:

Spring offers two products to manually clean plates after printing :

  • NCL-1103 is designed specifically for UV inks and coatings.
  • NC-32 is preferably used for water-based inks and coatings.

Parts Cleaning Solutions:

To manually clean parts, we recommend NC-32 for water-based inks or UV-499 for UV inks.  Please note that UV-499 is not recommended for cleaning printing plates.

Spring also sells cleaning stations that work with compressed air and a special cleaning solution SCS-300 or SCS-500 that is designed for these systems.

For an overview of our Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning Systems Selector Guide

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