Spring’s FLUO ink system is available in an environmentally friendly, high performance water-based fluorescent flexo version and a high productivity UV flexo version.

Spring’s FLUO inks are formulated for maximum graphic effects on coated and uncoated paper and board substrates.


Spring FLUO has unrivalled fluorescent effect that jumps off the shelf. Spring FLUO has good press stability and is easy to use.

Colour range

FLUO is available in the Pantone shades 801 through 813 plus a yellow chartreuse version.

  • PMS 801 Blue
  • PMS 802 Green
  • PMS 803 Yellow
  • PMS 804 Orange
  • PMS 805 Red
  • PMS 806 Pink
  • PMS 807 Magenta
  • PMS 808 Green
  • PMS 809 Yellow
  • PMS 810 Peach
  • PMS 811 Orange
  • PMS 812 Pink
  • PMS 813 Purple
  • PMS Y1 Chartreuse

Important information for optimal performance

Spring’s FLUO is not suitable for printing direct thermal papers. It is always recommended to test compatibility between ink and substrate.

Our FLUO system is unique in that it is a one-pass ink. However, for maximum fluorescent effect, one may apply two hits with an anilox of 10-14 cm3/m2. For greater gloss and resistance properties, Spring’s ink ranges are fully compatible with our UV varnish systems.

Care should be taken with fluorescent inks as their drying speed is generally slower than that of standard inks. Water based fluorescent inks are pH sensitive; only use additives approved for use with the FLUO range. See our Technical Data Sheet concerning Ink Additives for more detailed information.

The shelf life of these inks is limited to three months from date of manufacture, provided the inks are stored in a cool, dark location, protected from freezing.

Fluorescent pigments have poor light resistance and are not recommended for packaging which will be exposed to sunlight.

In general, water-based fluo systems provide higher fluorescent effect than UV systems as UV lamps tends to degrade fluorescent pigments.

Substrate Compatibility*
Paper / Board+++
Film/ Foil++
Thermal ECO-
Thermal Top Coat-
Hot Stampable/ Over-Printable++
Swiss Ordinance CompliantNo
Nestlé CompliantNo

+++ = excellent

++ = good

+ = acceptable

– = poor

*: always validate new combinations of ink and substrate prior to industrial production



cleaning solutions

  • NCL-1103 Plate cleaner for water based and UV inks
  • SoftClean Anilox cleaning solution for water based and UV inks and coatings
  • UV-499 Press and parts cleaner for UV inks (attention : can swell photopolymer plates)

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