UV Flexo range

Spring’s LUMINA multipurpose UV Flexo ink range has been formulated to print on a wide variety of substrates including paper, board, film, and foil. The advanced low viscosity and low odour formulation produces high strength, high quality prints from an easy-to-use and maintenance-free ink. LUMINA inks are supplied press-ready and unused ink can be returned and stored for future use.

  • LUMINA : the standard UV Flexo Ink
  • LUMINA LM: Swiss Ordinance Compliant Version
  • LUMINA RL: provides exceptional light fastness, making it an ideal choice for printed material exposed to prolonged sunlight conditions
  • LUMINA LED: available in LED Lamp curing version
    • high slip variant on standard LUMINA; developed to improve adhesion to film substrates where standard LUMINA is not sufficient.
    • compatible with sleeve applications
    • improved tape test results
    • not compatible with thermal transfer ribbons
    • only over-printable with inks from the same series

key features

  • Respects Pantone standards for both process and basic colors
  • Formulated without ITX, Benzophenone (or its derivatives) and Bisphenol A
  • Optimal flow characteristics
  • Fast curing and low odor
  • Excellent printability and press stability – low dot gain and good halftone reproduction
  • Adhesion across a wide range of substrates
  • Excellent scratch and scuff resistance
  • Excellent resistance properties – especially to water, oil, and alcohol
  • Maintenance-free ink – does not require the addition of solvents or refreshers
  • User-friendly packaging
LUMINALUMINA LMMetallicFluorescent
Substrate Compatibility*
Paper/ Board++++++++++++
Film/ Foil++++++++
Thermal ECO++--
Thermal Top Coated++++--
Hot Stampable/ Over-Printable++++++++
Swiss Ordinance CompliantYes
Nestlé CompliantYes
+++ = excellent

++ = good

+ = acceptable

– = poor

*: always validate new combinations of ink and substrate prior to industrial production



cleaning solutions

  • NCL-1103 Plate cleaner for water based and UV inks
  • SoftClean Anilox cleaning solution for water based and UV inks and coatings
  • UV-499 Press and parts cleaner for UV inks (attention : can swell photopolymer plates)

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