Gift cards

Spring has been developing products for the card and promotions markets for many years.

The scratch off ink system provides excellent scratch properties with high opacity and no set-off between cards.

Specialty adhesives are used in many aspects of the cards and promotions market. The PTA-4401 is a repositionable adhesive (like Post-It Notes) that is used in various cards and promotional applications.

Spring’s matte and soft-touch coatings set products apart and convey an image of quality and luxuriousness to the customer.

For card personalization, Spring has developed the RV series of coatings.  RV coatings are hot-stampable and DOD (drop on demand) ink jettable. RV coatings can be used as an inexpensive substitute for card laminates; due to their high temperature resistance RV coatings can undergo the polishing step typically used on laminated cards.  RV coatings are available in high gloss and matte versions.

Since cards and promotional materials use a wide variety of substrates, Spring has developed primers that provide good adhesion for inks and coatings.

And Spring has developed specialty coatings for creating erasable board effects through its ERV series.

As with most of Spring’s coatings, parameters such as angle of slide are readily adjustable.

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