Digital printing presents new challenges and opportunities for printers and brand companies. Spring Coating Systems is at the forefront of enhancing digital print technology and helping meet the standards set by traditional printing methods.

Digital inks and transfer technologies can have shortcomings in terms of adhesion, print speed, color density, bleeding, scratch and scuff resistance, chemical resistance and over-printing.

Ink jet technology creates new challenges; especially when printing with water based inks on film substrates.

Spring Coating Systems has developed the IJC range of ink jet primers which help achieve good adhesion without bleeding on film substrates. With IJC, it is easy to achieve high quality and fast drying times.

Spring also has a number of over-printable coatings for the card market that are both DOD (drop on demand) ink-jet receptive and hot-stampable.

For HP Indigo printing, the challenge is to achieve good adhesion and lay-out on various substrates. Spring has developed water-based primers that are easy to use and cost effective.  With the Spring HP primer, a world of new substrate possibilities becomes available.

To improve the scratch resistance of HP print, Spring manufactures UV over-print varnishes that give exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance properties.  The varnish is available in standard UV, UV-LED and electron beam curing versions.

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