Rheintacho Vision Systems offers a user friendly web viewer interface that allows the operator to concentrate on the print job itself.  And as a leader in web viewers, Rheintacho Vision Systems can boast an enormous installed base of reliable systems and satisfied customers, from narrow web label to wide web packaging printers.

The Rheintacho web viewer offering provides a high level of ergonomy and functionality. The optional pivoting arm allows the operator to visualise the screen from anywhere on the press. The touch screen provides additional functions such as position and image memory, programmable sweeps and real time camera position visualisation and direct-to-image commands.

The versatile Newscan 4000 series is available in a number of configurations:

  • Newscan 4021- manual version
  • Newscan 4031- motorized, entry level version
  • Newscan 4041-intermediate level
  • Newscan 4051- equipped with all options

Please contact us for the detailed product and installation manual

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