Vision Control Systems For Printing

Web viewers for improved quality and productivity

Web Viewers are an operator’s best friend when it comes to controlling print quality and reducing waste. Rheintacho Vision Systems, formerly RGK (Ergeca), offers a complete range of web viewers for simplifying color registration and monitoring color and defects at any press speed.

With over 1000 web viewers installed, Rheintacho Vision Systems offers a trusted and reliable solution for all web printers.  The Newscan series is a cost-effective system based on a robust architecture and an intuitive, easy to use operator interface.  The touch screen control screen gives the operator real time access to all the controls while he is watching the print in real time.

An optional UV filter allows the printer to visualize “black light” coatings that are used as register marks or security features.  These coatings are invisible under normal lighting conditions but fluoresce under UV lighting conditions.  The Newscan system can switch back and forth between regular viewing and UV viewing with the press of a button.

Stroboscopes: A practical & cost-effective vision solution

In addition to web viewers, Rheintacho Vision Systems is a world leader in stroboscopic technology.  The QbLED is a hand-held, portable LED-based stroboscope with exceptional output.  It also features an automatic synchronization function.  Rheintacho also manufactures fixed stroboscopes that can be integrated into the printing unit or the finishing and rewind unit.  The stroboscopes can be run in series in order to cover any web width.Rheintacho vision systems

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Web Viewers & Camera Control

Rheintacho Vision Systems offers a user friendly web viewer interface that allows the operator to concentrate on the print job ...


Stroboscopes remain a practical and cost-effective means to control quality. Rheintacho is the leader in stationary and hand-held stroboscopes.  ...

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