TH+ Ink for Thermal & Microwave Printing

TH+ water-based inks are specifically formulated for printing on difficult coated and uncoated thermal paper and board substrates. TH+ will accept overprinting by most thermal printing ribbons, laser printers, and certain ink jet printers.

TH+ also provides exceptional heat and humidity resistance and makes a good choice for frozen food and micro-waveable packaging.

TH+ is available in a wide range of standard colors and a full in-house color matching service is available. Customers are requested to provide all suitable information including printed targets, anilox roll specifications, and samples of the substrate.

Inks are supplied press ready and, when needed, Spring offers a complete range of water-based ink additives (see our Tech Data Sheet for Additives) in order to maintain consistent quality under all conditions.

Important information for optimum performance

When printing on films or undertaking any direct thermal work, it is essential to carry out pre-production tests to validate the suitability and compatibility of the inks and chosen substrate under the specific press and end-user conditions.

Opaque white, fluorescent and metallic inks are not recommended for use with direct thermal work due to their abrasive nature which can cause excessive wear to the thermal heads. Consideration should be given to the location of the printer work as exterior exposure can greatly affect the performance of the ink.

For greater gloss and resistance properties, Spring’s inks ranges are fully compatible with our UV varnish systems.  Please consider UV 2000 TH for thermal papers.

DryingIR/ Hot Air
Compatibility *
Paper/ Board+++
Thermal Top
Thermal Eco+++
Hot Stampable/ Over-Printable+++
Humidity & Chemical Resistance
Swiss Ordinance
Nestlé CompliantYes

+++ = excellent

++ = good

+ = acceptable

– = poor

*:always validate new combinations of ink and substrate prior to industrial production


Cleaning solutions

  • NCL-1103 Plate cleaner for water based and UV inks
  • SoftClean Anilox cleaning solution for water based and UV inks and coatings
  • NC-32 Press and parts cleaner for WB inks

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