Spring Coating Systems is the leading manufacturer of UV and Water Based Scratch Off inks for games, coupons, and promotions. The Scratch Off ink range provides excellent opacity and a smooth, even scratch.

Water based scratch off system

The Water Based Scratch Off System is simple to apply and provides optimal security versus competitive products.

On the first station, our UV release coat is applied, followed by a black water based scratch off layer and then a gold or silver water based scratch off layer. As an alternative to gold or silver, one may apply a white scratch off layer and over print in subsequent stations.  When using a white scratch off layer, we recommend printing the white layer on top of our silver scratch off layer. On certain synthetic substrates, a UV release layer may not be required.

Unlike most competitive brands of water-based scratch off coatings, Spring scratch off coatings offer a “soft and buttery” feel that will remain constant over time and at temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. When used with Spring’s UV curable release coatings of the RCV series, printers never have to worry about the scratch off coating “locking up” on the substrate.  And that is why it is essential to have sufficient coat weight and full cure of the RCV release coating. The high hiding power of Spring’s scratch off inks allow anilox volumes as low as 6-10 cm³/m² (120-160 l/cm. anilox), which in turn allow faster press speeds of 50-100 m/min.

Spring also provides a protective UV top-coat to reduce flaking or damage from friction during handling and transport.

Cleaning solutions

  • NCL-1103 Plate cleaner for water based and UV inks
  • SoftClean Anilox cleaning solution for water based and UV inks and coatings
  • NC-32  Press and parts cleaner for WB inks
  • UV-499 Press and parts cleaner for UV inks (attention : can swell photopolymer plates)

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