DFC-110 GS is a solvent-based flexo system that is compatible with a wide variety of substrates and is available in a version, DFC-110 GSC, that facilitates compostability.

DFC-110 GS/C is delivered press-ready and, under normal conditions, will not require additives during a press run.  However, during a long run or under extreme temperature and/or high humidity conditions, a special DFC additive may be required.  Please note that only additives certified by Spring for direct food contact should be used (refer to our technical data sheet for DFC additives).

Food contact colors have slightly lower light fastness values than traditional flexo inks.  Caution must be used when there is a risk that the print will encounter prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Special attention needs to be paid to ensuring that every ingredient in the printing chain is validated for food contact packaging and that good manufacturing practices are strictly respected.  Conformity of the overall packaging remains the responsibility of the marketer/manufacturer.

GS (Gravure Solvent-Based)GSC (Gravure Solvent-Based Compostable)
DryingIR/ Hot AirIR/ Hot Air
Substrate Compatibility*
Paper /Board++++++
Film/ Foil++++
Thermal ECO--
Thermal Top Coated--
Compostable**<1% coverage/colorYES under certain conditions
+++ = excellent

++ = good

+ = acceptable

– = poor

*: always validate new combinations of ink and substrate prior to industrial production

**: subject to restrictions; consult us for more details


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