Ink transfer & equipment

Spring products are at the heart of the “coating system” and we do not stop at manufacturing world class products.  To help customers achieve the most out of their ink and coating process, Spring partners with a select number of industry leaders to provide equipment and supplies for optimizing the “coating system”.

This starts with making sure that the anilox rollers are adapted for the job at hand.  We work with anilox manufacturers to recommend the right combination of surface treatment, cell geometry, volume and screening.  Spring provides a full suite of products for cleaning anilox cylinders and, when they are worn, Spring offers refurbishing services to bring the anilox roll back into specification.

For flexo printers, the choice of the right mounting tape is critical to getting good ink density and low dot gain while still maintaining satisfactory press speed.

Print quality starts with good plates: Ecowash plate solvent

By definition, the photopolymer plate determines what will be printed.  Spring starts with the industry leading plate solvent, ECOWASH, to ensure that your plate is as good as it can be.  ECOWASH is recommended by the leading plate equipment manufacturers for its ability to make all photopolymer plates, including the new generation of flat top plates.  Since ECOWASH keeps the processor clean, plates are more consistent and equipment maintenance is reduced.

ECOWASH is also recognized by photopolymer plate manufacturers worldwide as a reliable solvent.   With ECOWASH, the plate manufacturers are reassured that their plates are printing at their highest performance levels.  And our technical support team is made up of personnel from the plate industry who understand the platemaking process in the finest detail.


Anilox rolls

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Anilox Roll & Refurbishing

The anilox roll is critical for high print quality and consistency. Spring can refurbish anilox rolls or supply new cylinders ...

Photopolymer Platemaking Equipment

As the manufacturer of Ecowash, Spring works with industry partners to provide equipment for processing and cleaning photopolymer printing plates

Photopolymer Plates

As the manufacturer of Ecowash, Spring works with leading photopolymer plate manufacturers to supply Ecowash customers with photopolymer plate material

Mounting Tapes

To complement the supply of plates and ink transfer accessories, Spring offers mounting tapes in varying thicknesses and print characteristics. ...

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